Monday, February 21, 2011

IMNZ + Team Timex camp

Well all my new team mates at TeamTimex have been in New Jersey USA at a little pre season camp getting to meet each other, do some testing and sponsor commitments . Me, well I have been head down training, with IMNZ coming up in ten days time. I have seen some of the photos on the net and I cant wait to get hold of some of the new kit though....

I have been having my own little training camp for the last week, with Hiro and Maki from TeamTBB staying at my place, they are both competing at IMNZ. You can see below Maki's JUMP photo, she has a selection of these from all around the world. It a few of the guys after a open water swim last weekend.

At this years IMNZ Timex have a stand and myself and Jo Lawn will be there 11am Thursday and Friday if you want to come by and say hello, you can also check out some exciting new products from Timex.

Time to go, got to fit in another run and bike today....

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