Monday, July 23, 2012

Whats been happening

Well post Roth I basically spent the first week in bed, watched a lot of Tour de France and movies. I am back moving pretty well now and looking forward to KMD Challenge Copenhagen in a couple of weeks time.

I had a interesting ride yesterday, a planned brick session, 3hrs on the bike into 90min run. I could write a whole story on it but the short story is, I was doing a long effort, and completely missed my turn off, thought I knew where I was but ended up extremely lost. Then to make matters worse I double punctured and only had one spare tube, so the last 90min was spent riding the rim home. And to finally top the day off, about 45min from home I started bonking badly, had no money to buy any food, so I arrived home just over 5.5hrs from when I left in a pretty wrecked state.
The next hour involved eating just about anything that I could get my hands on, so moral of the story, ask for directions earlier, take money, take a phone and more than one tube!

2yrs ago in Denmark

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenge Roth

Not quite the blog I was wanting to write from the best race in the world. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling pretty lethargic, got in had a little swim warm up. Got hammered at start of swim and was on struggle street the hole way, but tried to put it out of my mind once on to the bike.
So I tried to get going on the bike but the body felt very empty, the small hill out of Heideck I was just about in the granny gear, and then soon after the women started riding past! So I called it a day after the first loop of the bike.
Time for me to get the health back and rolling again.

Highlight of my day was seeing Tamsyn taking 45min off last years time and I know there is definitely another big junk of time to come off once she gets some more miles in the tank and resistance in the legs

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Challenge Roth - What do i do on the wednesday before

Well Challenge Roth is fast approaching, plenty of athletes around, all the signs are up and I am nearly ready to go.

So on my agenda today was;

 - Get up about 6.30, check the emails
 - Have some breakfast, oats and yoghurt
 - Head out for a bike on some super fast smooth roads, ride some time at a solid pace
   Then run of the bike for 20min
 - Get home, have 2nd breakfast with Dominic, the home stay, he likes to sleep in :)
   Had some nice bretzels and toast
 - Had play with Ava, then a nap, which ended up about a hour long!
 - Lunchtime, yes I do eat quite a bit!
 - Afternoon, a quick swim in the stainless steel pool
 - Quickly back home to pick up Ava and Tracy,
 - Go to Roth, have a massage with Andy
 - Go to Autograph session in Roth, need to improve my signature
 - Back home, catch end of Tour De France, Super motivation to see Greg Henderson smashing out a 
   great lead out for Greipel who took the win
 - Write this blog
 - Dinner
 - Bed 9pm

A few photos from the flights to Europe

So it was a 40hr door to door trip to get to Hilpoltstein, 3 flights and a couple of car trips. We had a bit of time to kill in Singapore so I managed a jog at the airport gym, and then we had some more time to kill as our 2nd flight was cancelled.

Jog in singapore airport

Ava having a sleep in Singapore airport - me playing sudoku

Same babysitters I found in the 2nd flight