Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Challenge Roth - What do i do on the wednesday before

Well Challenge Roth is fast approaching, plenty of athletes around, all the signs are up and I am nearly ready to go.

So on my agenda today was;

 - Get up about 6.30, check the emails
 - Have some breakfast, oats and yoghurt
 - Head out for a bike on some super fast smooth roads, ride some time at a solid pace
   Then run of the bike for 20min
 - Get home, have 2nd breakfast with Dominic, the home stay, he likes to sleep in :)
   Had some nice bretzels and toast
 - Had play with Ava, then a nap, which ended up about a hour long!
 - Lunchtime, yes I do eat quite a bit!
 - Afternoon, a quick swim in the stainless steel pool
 - Quickly back home to pick up Ava and Tracy,
 - Go to Roth, have a massage with Andy
 - Go to Autograph session in Roth, need to improve my signature
 - Back home, catch end of Tour De France, Super motivation to see Greg Henderson smashing out a 
   great lead out for Greipel who took the win
 - Write this blog
 - Dinner
 - Bed 9pm

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