Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ironman New Zealand

Its Wednesday here in New Zealand, race day fast approaching on Saturday. My body is feeling good and I am ready to give it a good go!

I always have the wednesday off, before a saturday race, and then do some light training on thursday and friday. I am sure I will see a few people leaving there legs on the training course the few days before the race. You just have to remember to relax,  you cant loose form in 3 days! neither do you have to test to make sure its still there every session.
I like to get some movies out or bring some good books to read, reading some hard man stories on Magee, Snell, Lydiard etc always gets me fired up and ready

We have a couple of athletes racing from Vo2coach, you can check out some very short profiles and my thoughts on there up and coming race days here

Remember to pop into the Timex stand at the expo, I am going to be there on thursday at 11 and friday at 11.45. We have a few giveaways and great products to check out.


Christian said...

Good luck !!!! I will be on a race too, in my country, it will be a HalfIronman.
They will be a lot of greats triathletes like Oscar Galindez, Ezequiel Morales. I hope to be on the top ten, its difficult but I will try.

A hug,

Berit G said...

Would love to be in New Zealand and follow the race.
Denmark is cold and uninspiring and most of the training has to to be done indoors.
All the best wishes on race day, we hope to see you on the podium!