Sunday, April 3, 2011

Update - Winter Training

Daylight saving has rolled around again, so its time to get the indoor trainer out more often and build some good leg strength. A lot of age group athletes I see, waste a lot of time during the winter just because of bad information out there on what you should be doing, ie the typical "build base miles for next summer"

If you want to build some strength on the bike and set some PB's next summer, jump on the trainer and get the legs working through some big gear and hard efforts. For example, one favourite session of mine is 10-15min wup/dwn with 3-4 x15min in a big gear pushing at around 40-50rpm. After the session you definitely know you have completed something and got some stimulus going in the muscles. Using the big gear you can not go anaerobic so there is very little chance of pulling your form down as Lydiard would say

My training has been ticking along nicely for the last week or so, getting some good sessions in which should see me fitter for my next race in Ironman Brazil in 8 weeks time. Time for a track session this afternoon which should be fun, as got a little group together to crank it out at the local Cambridge grass track.

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