Thursday, June 30, 2011

Euro Travel + Jet Lag

So I am waiting at Auckland International Airport for my journey to Roth Germany. I will give you a little time line of whats going to happen

7pm NZ time - leave Cambridge for drive to Auckland

9pm - Arrive at airport, say goodbye to Tracy with a big hug :)
check in, bike box and my life checks in at 23.1kg - love it, no excess baggage charges with air NZ and its booked all the way through to Nuremberg, 3 flights

9.30pm - write this blog on a really small keyboard, there is free internet stations on the way to gate 6 and 8 which are about 30m from the pay ones! top secret

10pm - finish this blog

10.30 - Kill time by looking at the stars............

11.15 - Finally on plane and ready for lift off

11.30 - Check the movies, plan my next 3hrs before i hopefully passout for the rest of the 12hr flight to Shangai /china with the aid of a sleeping pill

12-3pm  - watch some movies, get annoyed with the snoring lady beside me who keeps falling asleep on me

Arrive in China some time, not sure on times now as in the ZONE

Go nuts as I have a 7hr layover, read a book, do some laps of the airport, write some programs, hopefully find a free wifi connection

1.15pm china time - Leave for 12hr to Frankfurt - Germany
Get cranky as getting a little tired and hungry, need some more airplane food.
Going to try and have a nap but not to long, as i want to get into Euro time asap.

8hrs into flight - been through all the decent movies, been to toilet 6 times, practising my ironman mental preparation of Switching off, ignoring the time.....

6.45pm Germany time - Arrive,sweaty, tired and most likely grumpy, stretch the legs for 3 hours and on to the final flight.

9.45pm - Fly out to Nuremberg, thankfully only a 40min trip!

10.25pm - Arrive, so so glad to get the flying done. Hopefully the bike has made it in one piece and my homestay is waiting for me.

11.30pm - Get to ROTH, crash and burn for a big sleep - Hopefully!

So 2 x 12hr flight + a 45min flight, about 10hrs of layovers and some driving. Love it.................

Next update soon.....

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