Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back Home, New arrival, Cambridge Half Marathon

So I made the flight home from Copenhagen with no Dramas. A slight headache from the beers from the after party but that disappeared by about the time I arrived in Hong Kong. I found some nice seats in Hong Kong airport which don't have any intermediate hand rails and had a real good sleep.

I arrived into Auckland Airport with Tracy to meet me, and she has changed quite a bit since I have left. Someone has been growing quite fast inside her. I am not allowed to post a photo of Tracy so its first bike will have to do :)

I had the first week off any real exercise, one bike, one swim and a cycle to catch up with some athletes to check on their form etc. The second week was about the same until Saturday when I decided I would go out for a Ironman brick session with Erin and Candice, two of the girls I coach. So we had 3+ hrs on the bike with some 50min efforts to keep things interesting. Then we where lucky enough to have the inaugural Cambridge Half Marathon starting at 12pm so we finished the ride, and got straight into the run. I just about missed the start by time I had packed the bikes in to the car etc.
The legs on the bike didn't feel to bad, but the heart rate felt like it was through the roof. Onto the run and I have to say Candice's and Erin's form is a lot better than mine after 2 weeks off!, the first 10k where not to bad, but after that it was all downhill :) my left leg started cramping badly so it was a slow jog in to the finish. Quite a good session to kick start the body, even though it was not very enjoyable last 40min at all. I don't think I am going to try a IM a week apart or two weeks for that matter unless I trained through the first one and got rolling very quickly after the first one.

So I am back into the training this week, time to build a bigger engine for next season


Jocelyn Wong said...

OMG! CONGRATULATIONS Tracy & Keegan!!!!! I am considering coming over to Kiwiland to do IMNZ next March. will keep you posted :)

Keegan Williams said...

Thanks Wongstar! NZ is a great place to race, not quite as hot as you like it though :)