Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ironman NZ countdown

Just about 1 week until Ironman New Zealand, it definitely doesn't seem like it was a year ago I was on the start line. The last two years I have ended up number 4 on the day, so hopefully something different this year with a smaller number :)
The field is looking like a good one, but with the way the rules are we will see who turns up on race day, I think Brown scares off a lot of guys :) and with Ironman Melbourne being in a few weeks with a lot more points there are a few scenarios for the guys chasing Hawaii points.

My race plan is pretty simple, have a good swim, ride well, then run strong and get to the finish line with nothing left in the tank. I am going to be using the new Saucony Fastwitch, see the photo below. I have been using them for the last couple of weeks and have found them really comfortable, lightweight and with a good amount of flexibilty.

Tracy and I are also looking forward to staying again at the Baywater Motor Inn. We where super lucky last year when our orginal accomodation double booked us and they took us in, check out my blog from last year with the extras they go to for their guests


Jocelyn Wong said...

Fastwitch! Those are my racewalking shoes :) the best part are the words under the soles!

Keegan said...

yeah, that wording is weird until you see both sides.... :)