Thursday, August 16, 2012

Challenge Copenhagen Race Report

The aim going to into KMD Challenge Copenhagen was to get to the finish line no matter what. After a couple of past rough races I really needed to get to the finish line. The day ended well with a 4th place which was a bonus.
The swim was a beach start, a few strides and into the water, on my second or third dolphin dive my googles flipped up , I had the split second thought of just continuing without them, but being salt water I decided against it. So I was off the back of the first swimmers from the get go, so I settled into the main 2nd pack. The rest of the swim was pretty uneventful in my new blue seventy helix.

Out onto the QR bike and the plan was to ride conservatively for the first 90k and try and pick up the pace in the last 90k, the course is quite rolling with a few technical sections so you can pick up a lot of time if you are riding well.  I thought I was riding easy to start, but at the 140k mark the legs started to fall off, and I grovelled into transition 2, so I was pleased to get off the bike and looking forward to getting some coke into the system. 
Once the legs came around, I felt like I was running quite well for the first 15k, I was quite surprised to see I was in 6th or 7th coming off the bike after a few guys sat out some drafting penalties at T2. It is a 4 lap course with big crowds along the length, Tracy, Ava and Angela where waiting for me at one of the aid stations, so it was always good to run past them. With about 15k to go, I came past Berkel who was obviously having a tough day, Aaron who destroyed the bike was miles up the road, and Jimmy and Mads where also out of touch unless they had a big meltdown. Joesph , my ex Team TBB German team mate was 5min back so I just had to run steady to keep my place. Running into the finish line was a good feeling, a big crowd + Ava and Tracy waiting for me.

So I am very pleased to be back on the scoreboard and back moving in the right direction.

We had a great homestay Uffe and family, it always makes the trip and race so much easier when everything is relaxed and taken care off. We are currently in London for a few days then head back to New Zealand. Check out some photos below

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