Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday Blog

Well the time has flown since we got home from Europe, I have been getting back into the training after a break and been busy painting, re tiling and renovating the house.
I had my birthday the other day and gave myself a good thrashing before the customary cake

So the day went like this
 5.30am,  alarm goes off, get to the Te Awamutu pools for a swim with the TeA swim club swim session was 1000m alternate free/back, 30x100 free, 1000m alternate swim back so a good solid aerobic set

 8am,     Get home, have breakfast, check some emails

 9am,     Drive to Porrit stadium run track with Candice, Erin is cranking out a big run session and  looking strong. I do a short warm up then 25x400 which hurt a lot even though the pace was not on. It was the first time for some quality in a while, so its always a wake up call

12pm,    Get home, have lunch, get motivated for my afternoon session at the gym.

4pm,     Jog down to the gym, and meet Elliot, Candice for some rowing on the erg. Candice has wanted to give me a birthday session ever since she swam 10k for hers last year. So the plan was to do my debut 2k erg test. After a little bit of warm up and technique advice it was all on. Me vs Candice and the 100kg New Zealand men's 8 rower they had invited to show me how it was down.
Well it hurt pretty bad, the  thighs where already sore before the erg, and they where definitely pumping after it :)
Well we got a display in how to do it, nearly 1min ripped out of me in the space of just about 6min!
but i did beat Candice best ever time from her rowing days so that was a consolation prize

Then it was time for the good stuff, cake.....

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