Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New opportunities

Boom, 2012 is over,
From a sporting perspective, I had a disappointing year, but thankfully I found out what was going wrong, had a enforced layoff for all of October and have started to come back stronger. So I am looking forward to some consistent training over the next year to really go up another level. Event wise I kick it off with Challenge Wanaka in two weeks time, but after that I am still in the planning stage on what events to target.
The coaching has been going great, a double world champion, Ironman win, multiple half ironman wins, numerous podiums and plenty of athletes improving across the board.
Family wise, Tracy and I had a great time watching Ava grow up from a little baby into a little person. She always brings a smile to your face if you have had a average day, and seems to have endless amounts of energy to burn off.

I kicked off 2013 with a session on my favourite hill, some laps up and down sanatorium with not even 1 car for company :)

So I have some blogs coming up which I have been thinking about for awhile, 1  - the state of New Zealand triathlon in the future, watching the size of the field in the Contact series race in Rotorua in the younger ranks were pretty disappointing and 2 - what it takes to break through to the next level, the keys of persistence and patience

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