Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Zealand Ironman

Going into Ironman New Zealand I was feeling very good a week out, and I ended up racing as best as I could for 7th but feel I left a lot of time on the table. Next time!

I hate making excuses but race week Ava ended up getting sick, I started to feel pretty average, wed,Thursday and Friday I was having midday sleeps, never the best indicator when you should be jumping out of your skin with energy.  Saturday morning was much the same, but I just tried to convince myself if was nerves.
That pretty much sums up my race as well, I wont go into a blow by blow account, swim felt hard, bike felt hard and run felt harder! Congrats to fellow Saucony athlete Meredith for taking out the women's race and Bevan the men's, I am sure he will be in the mix in Kona.

So some positives from the race, great performances from some of the athletes I coach. Erin had a real breakthrough race for 6th overall, 2yrs ago she went 11hr15min so has chopped off nearly 90min. Shes just been chipping away slowly and its starting to come together now.
Candice got onto the podium with 3rd overall behind two very good athletes in Gina and Meredith, some more work and tweaks and she can be on the top of the podium.
Julie 2nd in her age group and the Kona spot in her first attempt at IMNZ.
Melanie a very good debut, she will still be smiling now I bet :)
Davina also, even though she didn't finish and just missed the cut off, she doesn't realise how far she has come, 1yr ago she was in 9hr half Ironman shape. Next year she will finish it off I bet.

Also got to mention Graham racing on Sunday, 2nd at Escape from Alcatraz just behind Gomez and in front of some very good athletes. A very good start for a series of races in the US.

We had a wonderful stay at the Baywater Moter Inn . They made a banner for each competitor staying there on race day and if you don't want to pay for photographs this is the place to stay. On check out you get a disc and some prints of the day, see some of mine below. Also big thanks to Saucony and Louis Garneau for super fast gear to perform in.

Start of run with Terenzo

On bike

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