Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Challenge Almere - End of season

I lined up at the inaugural Challenge Almere this past weekend. The conditions where similar to Ironman New Zealand a few years back when it bucketed down with rain, but there was also some big winds to deal with.
After Copenhagen I bounced back really quickly and was hoping to have a big performance here, unfortunately that was not the case and I scraped in with a top 10 placing. The bike course really took it out of my legs, it was dead flat with probably 30m total elevation change total, but with a lot of corners where you would come close to a dead stop, and then have to accelerate away again. If I was preparing again for this race, I would definitely do some criterium racing or similar.
It didn't help that I rode on 30psi for quite a section of the ride, I just thought my legs had gotten really bad! and it wasn't until I picked up my bike that night from transition I realised the problem.

On to the run and I was in a pretty terrible state from the beginning, which didn't improve, the 3rd lap of 4 was really bad. I thought I was going to have to lie down for a little sleep but thankfully made it to the next aid station, where I refuelled and got going again.

I cant wait to get home to see Tracy and Ava and have some time off the legs. Only two flights and about 30hrs of travel and I will be there :)

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