Friday, May 20, 2011


Tracy and I arrived in Brasil a couple of days ago. It was a 30hr door to door trip, drive to Auckland Airport, fly to Santiago - Chile, then onto San Paulo - Brasil, then the final flight to Goaina and a little drive to my dads house. We where pretty lucky to arrive at 11.30pm at night so as soon as we where home it was straight to bed for a good sleep.

My first day was a little interesting, my bearing where obviously not working as a 45min run turned into a 90min effort! and getting used to cycling on the right always takes a little while to get used to.

Day two and we went out to visit the farm my dad has helped to convert into a New Zealand style dairy farm. They have approximately 750 cows at the moment and two central pivot irragators so everything is very green. They have a man made lake to feed the irragators so I had a swim in the lake in my new Orca wetsuit.

Today I ran, swam and biked and tonight is Bevan's stag do so it should be a big one! dinner at 8.30 then off for some shenanigans......

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