Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Challenge Roth

Ok, the race report is coming, but I have some photos of the day, the atmosphere and crowd was like nothing I have ever experienced before

My homestay, Dominic, Joshua, Junea.
Junea told her dad tonight that I was the man that lives in the basement!

My Orbea ready to roll

Swim start

Transition 1, over 5000 athletes in total, big day!

Me on bike

Through the finish - happy to be home, 3rd place

Seb crushing bike

Big crowds, 180000 on the course, CRAZY!

Solaberg hill - Very VERY noisy

Dominic sun burn

Finish line


krystyna47 said...

I can't BELIEVE how many people there are cheering on the bike and run courses (and swim, as I imagine). It's insanity!!!

czechchick15 said...

Wow! One would think you are riding in the Tour De France! That is amazing!