Sunday, July 24, 2011

German Update

Since Challenge Roth, I had a few very easy days and then started rolling again. The body seems to have pulled up well and I have been ticking off some good training. I have just done a Barry Magee weekend running so the legs have had a good working over.

A few things I have noticed in Germany
  •  At the pool, a lot of people like to do breaststroke, more than any other country I have been too. Lucky the pool is normally pretty empty so there are never any lane rage issues
  • Another pool observation, the women seem to love to wear bath robes to the pool
  • The signage on German roads is outstanding, you not only get the street names but always the direction you are headed, makes getting lost a lot harder.
  • The road surface here is super, the NZ goverment, local councils, transit etc, need to come for a lesson in building roads. 
A really dumb thing I did in Germany
  • So this past weekend I was suppost to fly to London to see some family. I was flying out of Frankfurt but didnt even consider checking if there was more than one airport when I jumped on the train. And guess what? Frankfurt has two airports, and I ended up at the wrong one, completely missing my flight......
My routine of the past couple of weeks is to get the training done and then settle down for some Tour De France action in the afternoon, so next week might be a little different. Also it was great to see our Kiwi runners smashing it on the weekend also, Nikki Hamblin and Nick Willis both breaking the national records.

Next update soon

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Ian Guy said...

I have been saying that about NZ roads for 10 years since moving from the UK. In NZ road building seems to be flatten the land, grade it, spray some tar and spread gravel - and hope for the best. The 42km round Lake Rotorua has maybe 8km like you experienced in Germany.