Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kona 2011

Who watched the race on the weekend?  I was certainly glued to for a good chunk of the day, but still managed to squeeze out some good solid training.

What an awesome race!  Seeing Craig Alexander cramping towards the end of the run and being forced to walk made it an incredibly exciting race, especially with Pete Jacobs chopping out time from him with every stride.  But he held on to get his 3rd Hawaii Ironman title, and broke the course record at the same time!

And how about Chrissie Wellington coming from over 20 minutes down off the bike to win the race with a stunning display of pure guts and grit.  She really is that 1:10000000 race horse.  No complaining before the race of her injuries, just got in there and got the job done with the tools she had left.

Anyway, I had a competition for people to give their picks for the mens and womens champions, with the winning run split required to decide the closest guess.  The prize was for an awesome Team Timex training jacket.  Most people picked Alexander and Wellington to win it - surprise, surprise, so I have some on to it readers :)

But the person with the best picks actually got 4 out of the 6 top 3 positions correct. So Brodie Madgwick takes the prize. I will be in touch. What are your picks for the World Cup Brodie?

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