Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby, birthdays, racing

Well its waiting time in the Williams house at the moment. The little baby is past its due date so should arrive any time now.

So training at the moment involves taking the cell phone and always letting Tracy know where I am going. Candice had her birthday the other day so we had a 10 kilometer set in the pool and I was half expecting the lifeguard to come over and give me some good news, that I would have to rush home, but it didnt happen.

I had a few athletes racing at the weekend and all showed some really good improvements from the work they have been putting in over the winter. All have plenty more to come, good things take time. I like the quote from Percy Cerutty
 "Hard things take time to do, impossible things take a little longer"

Erin 5th and Ange 21st at Long course world champs
Candice backing up her big weekend (K2 + Auckland Marathon) with a win at the Gisborne Duathlon
Tamsyn 2nd at Ashburton Half Ironman

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