Thursday, April 19, 2012

Koh Samui Photos, resorts, dogs and bikes

So Candice and I have moved to the race hotel for the inaugural Samui Triathlon, we have basically went from 1 star to 5 star plus at the Hansar resort :)
I am also looking forward to racing on my new QuintanaRoo and Challenge Tubular tyres.  

Check out some photos below
Challenge Tri Tyre

New Roo at Nids

Big fish at Nids

After walk to town during new years

Nids Bungalows

Hansar Resort

Inside Hansar

View out room

Random dog asleep on restaurant table


Anonymous said...

Have a gr8 race u guys - seems that we r going to have a strong wind here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on Sunday 22April with our Ironman. We spent a lovely week in Samui from 31/3 to 7/4 and I enjoyed training there (was glad to see they made good progress with the resurfacing of the roads!)- regards from Port Elizabeth, South Africa (the Ironman capital of Africa). Eldridge van Niekerk

Keegan Williams said...

thanks, have a good one in South Africa!

The Passage Samui said...

Good luck Keegan - if you have time do stop by The Passage Samui and enjoy our sunsets - our beach is perfect for a sunset training jog :)