Saturday, April 28, 2012

Koh Samui Long Distance triathlon


We all new when signing up for the Koh Sumai Long distance triathlon it would be a hot one, much hotter and humid than Hawaii. Conditions more reminiscent of the later Ironman China. There where a few other "local" issues to deal with also, such as the dogs, motorbikes and cars.

Up until race week when out training I was thinking the ride could be very interesting but the organisers did a much better job in controlling the traffic than I thought would occur. You still had to be super careful with cars but we basically had one blocked off lane to ourselves, saying that I did have one super close encounter, that had me fishtailing past about 20cm past the edge of a scooter.

Back to the race, a 4k non wetsuit swim two lap swim. I had a boomer start, was with the lead group of 4 until the 300m mark, then my arms exploded, I got real hot in the 30-32 degree water and started going backwards, the second group came past and I could only hang with them until the 1k mark before dropping some feet. I then ended up swimming with Armando and Justin for the remainder.

Out on to the 120k bike and the plan was for a steady ride and hopefully get to the run in good condition to be able to run through to a good finish position. I didn't feel the pace was too hot for the first 90k but then I really lost a lot of power in the last 30k. The 35degree + temps + high humidity had taken there toll.

Off on to the 30k run and I soon caught up to Guy Crawford, we where both out side the top 10 and feeling not to flash, so we jogged/walked for quite a few kilometers, drunk alot of ice cold coke at the aid stations and then about the 10k mark I got running properly again. Once I was going I was moving along quite well but the gaps to the guys in front where to big and I ended up rolling home for 11th place.

So I am reasonably happy with the race, after a short 4 week build up after a break following IMNZ and the conditions it was good to get through it relatively unscathed. Even though the ride home after (about 15k) took about 2hrs as I had a massive bonk and had to stop at the first restaurant I came across and guzzle down some food. I am looking forward to a good period of training and getting back to Challenge Roth and Copenhagen.


samui villa said...

This is great, are you serious? Long distance triathlon? I cant imagine doing an ordinary triathlon, even though my wife likes to do it. be proud of yourself, you did a great job. for me, I just hope I have the energy to do the same.

Keegan Williams said...

next year you can!

Keegan Williams said...

email me if you need some tips :)

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