Sunday, May 6, 2012

Louis Garneau

So it was just like Christmas when I arrived home from Koh Samui, I got to see Ava and Tracy and also got some new gear from Louis Garneau.
I am going to be racing in there Super fast Vortice helmet. I like it as it doesn't rely in you holding your head in the one position because of the short tail, therefore you can concentrate on riding strong rather than thinking about "is my aero helmet sticking up like a sail in the wind". Its also got a super cool visor to keep the eyes in good condition.

Shoe wise I have started riding in the Tri-300 shoes, they are super stiff and with the moldable sole fit nicely. The moldable sole you simply heat the shoes up in the oven, then put the shoes on and 10mins later you have a perfect fit. A added bonus they match my red Timex kit too :)

Check out some photos below

Vortice helmet

Hot visor

Tri 300 shoes

Calf shot

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