Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recovery Run

Well today is a super easy day on the legs with just a quick 30min jog around the park to
help flush out the muscles and keep the legs ticking over. I quite often do this with Ava in the pram but today was a little wet so it was a solo effort. The speeds not important, its probably close to 6min ks or about 8min ks when I am pushing the pram.
So time to show you my favourite run loop....

Which shoes to pick??

3.39pm start time on the Timex watch

Chose the Saucony Fastwitch

Out the driveway

Down to the lake

Nice hard packed gravel path around lake
Lake path

Hill where I do short hill reps


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Question: what brand of elastic shoe laces do you recommend?



Keegan Williams said...

I use Yankz laces

Anonymous said...

thanks i'll give em a shot. have a great holiday.