Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time flies - off to Europe

Well the past month has flown by, I have had my head down working hard getting fit for Challenge Roth in a couple of weeks time. I cant wait to get back, we have a super home stay and race day was cranking last year with the crowds and atmosphere. Check out some photos below of last year.

This time Tracy and Ava are coming, fingers crossed the flights go well and Ava decides to sleep alot :) she likes to crawl around and investigate everything now so we might have our hands full.

Other news, Candice had a breakthrough run last weekend in Ironman Cairns and ran her self up to 3rd place only 3min from the win. Now I just have to install some more confidence in her and she will be on the top of the podium in the future. It just confirmed to me that Ironman racing is largely a mental battle and if you loose concentration or worry about what has gone on in the past you can loose a lot of time.

Run Action



Beerfest after

Cool pool

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