Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Married Man

Well, the past two weeks have flown by and I am now a married man!
Tracy and I got hitched on Ohope Beach near Whakatane, now there has been very little rainfall in New Zealand in the last 6 weeks, only 40% of the average but on the friday night before our big day the heavens opened and it started hosing down. Saturday morning and it was still raining and some heavy fog was rolling in. Lucky for us though the rain eased off for the afternoon and we had our beach wedding but in the fog! we really enjoyed it though, as it was quite different to the norm.
Onto our honeymoon and we got to spend 5nights in Rarotonga then back to NZ for another friends wedding, I have also got another one this weekend, so busy times.
Rarotonga was very warm, and it brought back memories of the phillipines, 20min run and I was drenched. The food was great, alot of fresh seafood and tropical fruits, unfortunately they didnt have any of my faviourite mango's as all the trees got damaged in a storm they had earlier this year.

I dont have any photos from wedding yet as photographer got them still.... but have got a couple from Rarotonga

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