Monday, December 20, 2010

Team TBB Reflections

Well, the past two years have gone pretty quick, this past season has been alot better with some constant improvements as coach and I have figured out what I need.

Before I joined TeamTBB I was in 9hr IM shape, and had never
  • Run on a track (well maybe twice when I was 13 and 14 for the yearly school athletics meet)
  • Used my paddles for more than 1k in a session
  • Split my sessions in two
  • Raced overseas
  • Trained at altitude
And I am leaving having ticked the boxes above, with probably the highlight being going 8hr12min at Challenge Copenhagen with some Dramas thrown at me in the race to keep me honest.

Some of highlights with the team for me where
  • Watching Bella turn up and win something like 4 or 5 Ironmans in a row, each time coming back to training quietly contented, but wanting to and giving it to herself in training again and again
  • Watching the Filipino boys do some 400's on the track, coach asks for 70sec laps, first one is a 58, next one a 68, then a 90sec!....... bad pacing = angry coach :)
  • Getting called Sheep F#$%&r until I had a decent race by coach, thankfully it didnt take to long
  • 4hr run day in the Phillipines with the Zach attack
  • Meeting some really nice team mates/people along the way
Now, for the coach review, and I am not "trying to piss in his pocket" as we sometimes say in New Zealand
but I am really pleased I got not only the chance to be coached by Brett but be able to watch him motivate and train the others in the team. I am not sure how he did it with the Dogs and Horses as I don't think his talks (some people call them "rants") would work as well on them :) Also a big thanks to all the sponsors who helped out over the last two years

So next year, training wise, I just need to keep on doing what I have been doing, increasing my speeds and trying to hit some better numbers in training. I am getting a little tired of 2nds, 3rds and 4ths so hopefully 2011 I will change the numbers!

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